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. here's a look 694 west of per ring parkway. for more, you can count on us the >>> here's what people will be talking about today. a race against the clock is continuing in japan as the damaged nuclear reactors continue to heat up. the u.s. is ordering people who live within 50 miles of the plant to evacuate or stay indoors, twice the dangerous zone reported by the japanese. here's charlie d'agata. >> reporter: military helicopters launched an all out water assault pan japan's crippled nuclear power plant. crews are racing to finish a new power line that could restore crucial water pumps, the best option to cool dangerously hot reactors and prevent a nuclear meltdown. >> my confidence is eroded because of this continual almost daily degradation of the structure they have there. >> reporter: the facility has been plagued by a series of explosions and fires sense last week's earthquake and tsunami knocked out power. newly released images shows the damage to reactor four. japan is denying u.s. claims that same reactor has no more water in the spent fuel pools, meaning there's noth
use your card and save on practically the whole aisle. i'm saving money at the register, and that really works for me. more savings every time you shop with your giant card. >>> a operate ti mild day to start. it's kristy in for traffic. marty is in for first warning weather. >> a little bit of dense fog trying to form. let's take a look at the day part. it's going to be a very dry day start. however, what we're going to see after a lunchtime 56 degrees is a pretty good amount of clouds and showers by the late afternoon. moisture is trying to stream our way. there's a stationary front out to the west. it's a matter of time before this shifts in an easterly direction, comes into our neighborhood. i'll tell you about the sunset. that's going to linger on through the night and into tomorrow but not before then. take it away. >> if you're about to join the team of morning traffic, here's kristy breslin in wjz traffic control. >>> 195 will take you a few minutes. easy drive in the northbound direction. southbound some brake lights as you make your way to whitemarsh boulevard.
matched. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. >>> it's the top of the hour, it's march 1st as you look at the moon and venus. it's a pretty site. we've watched it all morning long. it's a little bit cool out there. kristy breslin has all sorts of things happening. >> well, that was the moon, ge and pennsylvania. >> we're seeing clear skies today. we're having seasonal conditions. 45 going to a high of 48. >>> what's going on south of here? here's kristy breslin. >> good morning, don an everyone. we have a problem on the northside of the outer lupe, that could catch your eye. a disabled vehicle is slowing things down in that direction. 95 southbound still moving slowly. a new accident as you approach arundel hill's boulevard. the two left hand lanes are blocked there. to get into the city, 395 may be the better bet. we'll take a live look. that's a view of the toll plaza route. let's take another live look here. t
information anytime, log on to back to you. >> keeping us poured up, it's not always possible. there could be penalties for utilities that keep us in the dark. wjz and andrea fujii live in front of constellation energy. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning. utility companies like bge and pepco may have soon a bigger incentive to restore power after an outage -- millions of dollars in fines. when the power goes out residents can do little but wait for their utilities. >> if it's cold, dark and quiet, our homes are vulnerable. >> reporter: in january 00s of homes were -- in january, hundreds of homes were left in the dark pepco was criticized for not getting their customers back on line quick enough. now there could be penalties for future delays. >> the legislature will have one more exhibit in their arsenal of evidence that pepco is not guaranteeing the sort of reliability and resonsiveness. >> reporter: the state senate is considering a bill which would fine utility companies each delay their service is below par. they could lose 2 1/2% of their gross ref knew, amo
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're used to earthquakes in japan, but this was the largest in 140 years. >>> the warning center issued a warning for hawaii stretching to taiwan and indonesia and russia, columbia and peru. there was a tsunami watch for the western coast of the united states and canada from the mexican border to alaska. the height of the waves could be highier than some low lying places in the pacific. the un has 30 search and rescue teams are on alert. >> the event is taking japan by surprise, even for a place that's used to earthquakes. >> yeah, the earthquakes here are very -- well, part of the ordinary day. it's something you feel frequently. to feel something like this in a few days is alarming. i saw a few minute clutching each other. everyone here is trying to get on their phones and trying to find out if everyone's okay. >> 31 people are already confirmed dead. we'll continue the coverage in a minute. turning back to baltimore. the flooding here is treacherous. andrea fujii has an update on flooding here this morning. >> reporter: hi, jessica, good morning, everyone. maryland is in a state of e
, following the second explosion in two days. it didn't create a massive radiation leak. u.s. war ships and planes temporarily moved away from the area as a precaution. crews have been desperately trying to avoid a nuclear meltdown at the facility since it was damaged friday. over the weekend they dumped sea water into the reactors to try to cool them down. more than 180,000 residents were evacuated and had to be scanned for radiation before entering shelters. across the northeast coast, more than 10,000 people are believed to be dead from the magnitude 9 quake and tsunami. dramatic video captured violent waves that slammed ashore, wiping out entire villages. >> since the massive earthquake three days ago, after shocks continue to rattle the region, 12 to 15 per hour, some more than 6.0 in magnitude. there are stories of survival, crews rescued this 60-year-old man who was clinging to what was left of his roof. this man also made it out alive. >> i thought i was dying when i was pushed into the water he says but with thoughts of my family i decided to make every effort to survive. but f
's because of iv bags. the product is now off of the market and all hospitals have been ordered to stop using them. >>> the fbi continues to investigate how a bullet hole ended up in the fusel lodge of a plane. the pilot noticed the hole in charlotte. the fbi discovered the slug. a pilot said this wouldn't be at risk of crashing from a single gunshot. >> we have holes, you know, there's a lot of doors in an airplane. they have seals and leak a little bit of air. that's not going to depressurize an airplane. >> the investigators aren't ruling anything out. no one was injured. >>> the united states will hand over control of the no fly zone over libya to nato today. there are reports this morning that a small fraction of rebels belong to al-qaeda. >>> and u.s. supreme court justice skeela has been ticketed for causing an accident along the george washington parkway. the 75-year-old was on his way to the high court when he rear ended the car in front of him setting off a chain reaction. >>> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will unveil her budgets today. in it, there's 8% less spending for the year
leaking out. >> reporter: again, the health officials say there's no need for us to worry here yet. the food and water supply is still safe. they'll continue to do routine testing. >> stay with us for the coverage of the disaster in japan. for updates on the videos, go to and click on news and world. >>> the police are trying to unravel a mystery in hampden after a man was found dead. investigators are calling the man's death suspicious. >>> a popular d.j. and bet personality was shot to death on statten island. he was on bet's count down show 106 and park. >> a message coming from the commander in chief. the president is addressing the nation about the situation in libya. nato forces have taken over the command and the news comes as the rebel forces close in on qaddafi's hometown. robert gates says what happens in libya could impact neighboring countries. >>> we have a potentially significantly destabilizing event taking place in libya that could put at risk the revolutions in egypt and tunisia. that was another consideration we took into account. >> reporter: he says it w
always count on us at >>> we begin with news of. a two alarm fire. this is over spring dale avenue. there's no word on what started the fire or the name of the person killed inside. >>> a teen was killed as school lets out. the police interviewed several other teens as well. andrea fujii is live outside of police headquarters. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. wjz saw three teens leave the police headquarters after speaking with investigators. this murder is rattling a community already on edge. >> reporter: first, an argument and gun fire in highland village. in the end, a 16-year-old boy is dead. >> a couple of the kids came to the house with like bats and branches. >> reporter: it happened after 2:30 yesterday afternoon in a townhouse development. the boy ran after being shot. he collapsed on his front steps. it's ridiculous they can get a gun. it's ridiculous to say. >> twice now, in the matter of six months, there's been deaths in the neighborhood. >> reporter: last halloween, another 16-year-old boy was killed. a 17-year-old is awaiting trial in that case. >
event. for us, it will be the april showers that bring may flowers. >>> how about the rush? >>> hi, there, don, good morning. we have traffic lights out in two spots first in essex on rossville at mace avenue. treat that as a fourway stop. otherwise, taking a live look outside, everything's at full speed on all of the major roadways. 95 south of 543, looking good. we can say the same for 795. there's a and the bridge. no problems there -- there's 50 and the bridge, no problems there. >>> here's what people will be talking about today. a media blitz by the president. here's joel brown with more. it comes on the heels of last night's televised address. >> reporter: president obama is vowing to keep america's role in libya a limited one. >> going forward, a lead in enforcing the no fly zone, this is going to transition to our alleys and partners. >> reporter: he announced that nato would take full command tomorrow. the president said it was necessary for qaddafi to not kill his own people. >> i won't wait for mass graves before taking action. >> reporter: the president didn't say how
count on us at >>> here's what people will be talking about tfting the limits of the first ea. the u.s. supreme court issue as controversial ruling saying a church does have the right to picket military funerals. gigi barnett has more on its impact. >> reporter: good morning. it is the kind of verdict the family of fallen soldier matthew snyder did not expect to hear, especially on the five-year anniversary of his death. >> my first thought was eight justices don't have the common sense god gave a goat. >> reporter: speaking out against supreme court justices who struck down his lawsuit against the westboro baptist church. church members protested at his son's matthew's funeral. >> we can no long or bury our dead with dignity. >> reporter: matthew died five years ago while fighting in iraq. a small group stood 1,000 feet away from the funeral in westminster. >> god hates america. >> reporter: westboro baptist church believes military deaths are god's punishment for america's acceptance of homosexuality. in the wake of the ruling, the church plans to quadruple the picketing poo
into the mediterranean sea. for now,the pentagon will use these only for emergency evacuations. >> we're looking at a lot of options and contingencies. no decisions are made on other actions. >> in an interview, gadhafi's son warned against military actions. >> using force against libya is not acceptable. there's no reason. [thick accent] >> reporter: the u.s. must lead the response. if gadhafi doesn't step down, hurricane was warned that the u.s.' future could be at stake. >> reporter: at libya's border, chaos is already underway. tens of thousands are desperate to escape the violence. in washington, wjz, eyewitness news. >>> and there are no mediate reports of the casualties from the violence. >>> it's been more than three months since a teen stow away died in boston. the 16-year-old crawled into the wheel well of a jet at the airport in charlotte and then died when the landing gear came down from approach in boston. the official report on how it happened has been sealed by the government. the airport in charlotte has plans to increase the staffing and bolster security there. >>> south west flights are
ever since and are now asking the u.s. for help. >> in particular they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water in other resources to ensure that the reactors continued to be cooled. >> reporter: fears of a full blown melt down have spread to tokyo. officials there have detected low levels of radiation and the shifting winds threatens to push it further. even without a possible nuclear disaster, japan is facing worst crisis, the death toll jumped today to more than 2400 confirmed dead. but officials warn that number is likely to top 10,000. now the country faces an economic crisis as well. this morning japanese stocks plummeted more than 10%. in japan, charlie at wjz eyewitness news. >> trace amounts of radiation in tokyo are below levels. the economic impact, here is a closer look at the markets. it closed down more than 10% and things could have been much worse. some stocks reached their down limit over night meaning they weren't allowed to drop further. stay with wjz for complete coverage for disaster in japan. for amore updates click on news and the
on us at >>> here's what people will be talking about today. two uncontrolled landings across from washington, d.c. here's kelly mcpherson to report. the feds are making changes after an air traffic controller fell asleep as the planes were coming into land. >> reporter: just after midnight in d.c., two planes landed without communication with the air traffic controller. the one person working didn't respond to pilots and other towers. >> we called a few times on the land line. they're calling on the commercial line and no answer. >> i fly every day. i need them to be awake. >> reporter: the controller fell asleep working his fourth consecutive overnight shift working 10:00 a.m -- 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. >> flights slow down, they need more than one person. >> reporter: there are 30 towers nationwide with one overnight shift worker. bwi has two overnight workers. now, the faa added they add a second person. >> we'll get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: the air controller's association says it has language that prevents solo workers overnight closest tower to baltimore that
it and the courts give us no remedy, people will start taking matters in their own hands. someone will get hurt and when the blood starts flowing, let it be on the justice's hands. >> reporter: most are sickened by the supreme court's decisions allowing the group to stage demeaning protests at the funerals because they believe that god is punishing america. some comments say while they're disgusted, they agree that the church has the same right to freedom of speech. without it, the country would be opening the door to sensorship. many agree. it's the offensiveness to the words that adds to the rights almost. it's only by allowing you to speak against everyone that's repulsed by what you say do we have a forum. in theory, then make we'll all speak back and write editorials and do news shows about how repulsive it is to offend the families of the fallen heros. >> conservative justice samaleto was the only one against this. >>> this officer was supposed to face 30-degree murder charges. now-- face first degree murder charges, but he's held without bail now. >>> that was security scare after a pack
are in the process of leaving us. temperature wise, milder this morning. we're in the 40s pretty much for most of the metro region and in the 50s towards the eastern shore. the 30s in the mountains. there are the temperatures. now, this afternoon, we're warming up to 60 degrees. the sunshine will be returning and this is the warmup and the forecast, don. >> thank you very much. >>> here is christy at news 13 traffic control. >> hi, don, hi, everyone. don, back to you. >> thank you very much. >>> here is what people will be talking about today. a race to stop a ticking time bomb. nuclear reactors in the japan is still heating up. as the corr's glow, they are summarizing the water, creating more pressure, which could cause another explosion or worse. charlie is reporting on the fears of a meltdown. >> reporter: efforts to prevent a full-blown nuclear disaster suffered a set back overnight. >> and theres have said to have been evacuated. >> reporter: a dangerous spike in radiation levels forced workers out of the nuclear power plant, but a short time levels, officials say that the levels came b
. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. the towson university jr. is with the study abroad program. u.s. officials are make sure no radiation comes with her. she's on her way back to maryland as towson university's study abroad program is canceled for the rests of semester. >> everyone is -- rest of the semester. >> everyone's trying to get out. the roads aren't that big. she was saying that she saw a train that was stopped and it was half over water and half over land. she says there's no food on the shelves. normally, the shelves would be packed with food. >> federalling is city -- federal agencys are watching the cargoes and planes. >> they're planning flight paths that keep the aircrafts away from radioactive clouds that may be out there. they're doing modeling with the nuclear agency and the faa. >> some radiation has been found on bags. not at harmful levs. >> reporter: r -- not at harmful levels. >> reporter: the radiation is predicted to hit california today, but it's far below the harmful levels. president obama reassured american that is any radiation would dissipate before h
. we'll have police activity on the right hand shoulder. count on us for information at >>> here's what people will be talking about today. two uncontrolled landings of jetliners at reagan international. aviation officials say they've never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: the transportation secretary ordered a national review of air traffic control staffing following a scary incident at reagan national airport. two airliners loaded with passengers were trying to land and the control tower went sigh leapt -- silent. an american airlines was forced to contact a regional controller 40 miles away. the recording captured the confusion. >> we called a few times on the land line and now, we're calling on the commercial line. they're not answering. >> reporter: moments later, a united flight was on approach. >> just so you're aware, we had one aircraft going into dca and the tower is unmanned. we called on the phone and no one's answering. that aircraft went into the uncontrolled airport. >> reporter: the two planes landed safely and the incident raised questio
accurate and up to date traffic available, you can count on us at >>> here's what people will be talking about -- pain at the pump. if you've been putting off filling up your tank, you're out of luck. it's up 49-cents from last month. this time last year we were paying $2.72. mike schuh has the new estimates. good morning, mike. >> reporter: it seems like the gas prices are going up faster than ever. it's the second largest jump in u.s. history. >> gas is really expensive now. >> reporter: experts say we haven't seen anything yet. >> i think an easy $4. that's already there in california. i wouldn't be surprised to see this get close tore-- closer to 5:00. >> reporter: most of what's happening is because of the crisis in lib ya. reb bells continue to clash with the gadhafi military. there's concern what will a tonight oil libya exports. >> right now the market is concluding that the turmoil in the middle east is far from over. it's going to spread oar the white house is considering its options including tapping into the country's strategic oil reserve and an emergency sto
tide 2 to 3 feet above normal. >>> andrea, thank you. and stay with us throughout the day on air and online. to track the live doppler radar and get the forecasts any time, go to >>> illegal immigrants could be paying less to go to colleges. instate tuition rates are given to anyone who graduates from high school regardless of their status. the house of delegates would vote next and if passed, the governor would sign it. >>> the state house the -- inching closer to legalizing same sex marriage. the final vote is tomorrow. >>> seven young children were killed in rural, pennsylvania. denise koch updates the story we brought you this time yesterday. >> reporter: good morning, now that community is trying to come together for the one child that made it out alive. the investigators looked through the charred remains of the house fire were seven children died. >> i saw the mother, she didn't say anything. >> reporter: a 3-year-old girl smelled smoke and ran to get their mother who was in a barn milking cows. the mother called the neighbor and called 911. the house was engulfed
you for having us. >> good to see you guys. >> i was going to bring my pictures, but i decided better. it's a family show. >> good morning, marty! welcome back! >> good morning to you. [ laughter ] >> let me hear those magic words, luther. >> maestro, the music if you please. >> hey, ronnie? >> yeah? >> where are you spinning? >> i'll be at ikiro's. ♪ 6:00, already, i was just in the middle of a dream. i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream. well i can't be late because then i guess i just won't get paid. these are the days when you wish your bed was already made. just another manic monday. i wish it was sunday. that's my fun day. oh, my i don't have to run day. it's just another manic monday. ♪ >>> that was another rock solid performance. the year of the solid performances continues. >> we want to invite you back to the manic monday melt down in november. >> we haven't had a clown yet, this is good. >> colon cancer awareness month, get screened! >> we appreciate it. see you soon! >> don and marty, have a great day. 11 days until opening day. see ya! >> all right
wants and it's not helping the people there. that's what we want. >> reporter: 80% of the u.s. population lives within a two hour flight of atlanta. atlanta's hub says that because of that, they'll start the flights later on this year. back to you. >>> thank you, kai jackson. the first flights won't leave until the end of the year or next year. >> it's a proud morning for barbara mikulski. she's the longest serving woman in the history of the u.s. senate. others are billie holiday and coretta scott king. >>> this is a video from bourbon street. this was one of the largest celebrations in years. it brought in $300 million. carnival ended at midnight for ash wednesday. that marks the beginning of lent for christians around the world. >>> turning to sports orioles are preparing for two games today. half of the team plays minnesota and the other part of the team plays boston. pitching struggled. brian matusz allowed two runs. >>> in a month, the orioles play their first game against the detroit tigers. you can watch the game live here on wjz. our coverage starts at 2 :00 p.m.. >>>
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23